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Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Today is a good Day

After beating seeded #3 in straight sets   6/0 6/2   I just have about 1 hour to recover for the next match.
And in this one hour I am very busy.

Against seeded #5. Tough draw but I think, If i want to archive something I should win against this players. And Yes I did. 6/4 6/0... In the second set my opponent took a mediccal timeout so I hade time to play a little Clash of Clans on my Iphone... You see, I was in a really good mood. 2 good wins on one day and enough time to buy some food. So I drove to the supermarket and bought for like 60 € food. 0.o ! Yes I got the best of the best. Just in case I change my mind tomorrow about the tournament today...
Oh, tomorrow........ In semifinal seeded #2 is waiting for me... Number 50 in the austrian ranking... Hopefully i will do well... Good night

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